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— Preceding comment posted at the request of Example (talk · contribs) actually added by Example2 (talk · contribs)

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Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

Intended for use for users who are blocked, but wish to contribute to a noticeboard discussion that they are the subject of. The editor who copy/pastes that user's response may sign the post using this format. Please always substitute this template with {{subst:User proxy|Name of editor making original post|Name of editor posting on their behalf}}.

{{subst:User proxy|User1|Example}}— Preceding comment posted at the request of User1 (talk · contribs) actually added by Example (talk · contribs)

Stampaichean-tìde - Timestamps[deasaich]

Use the third parameter for the timestamp from the edit history (ideally in Coordinated Universal Time, with "(UTC)" appended to it). If a different time was given, add it as it was given in the fourth parameter.

Faic cuideachd - Also see