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This template creates a link to a specific time within the user's contributions history and n-1 older edits. It accepts the user's name, the number of edits to display and the date and time of the most recent edit displayed (which is at the 'top' of the page displayed). Time is in UTC.

If the user has a multiple edits within the same minute then with {{UserContribs3}} the last one in that minute is on the top of the displayed page. In such a case and a specific edit is desired to be the first displayed, one will need to use {{UserContribs2}} to start from an earlier edit and count up from that edit to the specific one within the minute which is desired. Alternately, you can include two additional digits for the fraction of a second at which the edit occurred. However, that information is not normally displayed so you would probably have to guess.

Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

Code Output
{{UserContribs3}} early history of this template
{{UserContribs3}} [2]
{{UserContribs3}} you can make the date/time more readable using pipes
{{UserContribs3}} ... or utterly confusing, if you prefer

When splitting the date/time into several parameters for better readability, make sure that month, day, hour etc. still have two digits each, using leading zeros if necessary.

Example when to use {{UserContribs2}} instead[deasaich]

You desire to show the edits of lowercase sigmabot III, at bot that is making many edits in a minute, on a page with the edit of User talk:Slambo/Archives/2013/September at the top and the prior 53 edits. Using {{UserContribs3}}, the edit is 4th on the page:
{{UserContribs3|lowercase sigmabot III|57|54 YYYY/Month based archives|201312042106}}
it is not possible because the edit desired is not the last one in that minute. It is necessary to use {{UserContribs2}} and display 57 edits:
{{UserContribs2|lowercase sigmabot III|57|54 YYYY/Month based archives|201312042104}}

Faic cuideachd - Also see

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