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[[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:{{{1}}}|deasbaireachd]] · [{{Fullurl:User:{{{1}}}|action=edit&preload=Teamplaid:IPcheck/Preload}} taga] · [[Sònraichte:Contributions/{{{1}}}|mùthaidhean]] · iomlan ·  · RDNS · lorgaich · RBLshttplogaichean · loga caisg · [[Wiktionary:Requests for arbitration#{{{1}}}|arb]] · rfc · [[Wiktionary:Long term abuse#{{{1}}}|lta]] · [[Wiktionary:Sockpuppet investigations#{{{1}}}|spi]] · [[Wiktionary:Requests for checkuser#{{{1}}}|cleachdaiche cinntich]] · [[Wiktionary:Suspected sock puppets#User:{{{1}}}|luchd-bréige]] )

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  • This template exists to give a quick idea of an IP's background, who owns the IP address and if necessary, a quick way to find or open either a promotion nomination or a problem report.
  • This template takes one expected parameter: an IP (without the prefix "User:"), for instance {{IPcheck|}}. If this is not provided, the default will be "".
  • This template begins with stable links: user page, talkpage, sock tag link, contribution history, contribution count, WHOIS, RDNS, trace, RBLs, http, logs and block log entry.
  • This template also displays a list of conditional links to subpages titled with the IP's name: request for arbitration, request for comments on user conduct, long term abuse, request for checkuser, suspected sock puppets, and (only if they exist) the categories for confirmed and/or suspected sock puppets of this user.
  • If this template cannot find a subpage for the IP address (perhaps because a request has not yet been accepted, e.g. for arbitration), it will form a gray link to the main topic page, trying to find [[PAGENAME#IP Address]] instead. Besides finding entries that may not have subpages, these links may ease creating nominations or reports.
  • Where several subpages may possibly exist (there could be more than one "arb", "rfc", or "socks"), this template links to a list of subpages for this username.
  • To make the template also link to this IP's entry on Wikipedia:List of banned users, add the optional parameter ban=y. The "ban" link will appear between the "block log" and "arb" links.
  • This template does not require substitution.

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