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Ceud mìle fàilte![deasaich]

Haló Leonardo José Raimundo, fàilte ann an Uicleir na Gàidhlig. Chunnaic mi na rinn thu air nan leabhraichean Bìobaill. Is math sin.
Welcome on the Gaelic Uicleir. Thanks so much for your contributions of the books of the Old and New Testaments.
Bienvenida a Wikcionario en gaélico escocés. Muchisimas gracias por todos los definiciónes de los libros del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos.
Bienvenue sur le Wiktionnaire gaélique écossais. Merci pour les définitions des livres de la Bible.

I am sorry I was not here to greet you while you were editing; I was taking an extended break from Uicleir while I was waiting for quite a bit of proofreading to be completed. For the past few years, I am usually the only one working on Uicleir.

I noticed that you are not a strong speaker of Scottish Gaelic; that's fine, neither am I, nor was my previous partner here. For that reason, we heavily parameterized the definitions and page names in case we learned that we had made a mistake. It is far easier to correct mistakes this way.

I made a few changes to your pages:

  • I created a new "Category:Scottish Gaelic Christianity", or Roinn-seòrsa:Crìostaidheachd Gàidhlig for all of the pages you created for the books in the Bible. There were already similar categories for other languages.
  • I added a few Wikilinks (ceanglaichean-Uici) in your entries.
  • All of your wonderful translation tables were titled "Months of the Year", or "Mìos na bliadhna." At first I didn't read past the title, and I erroneously yanked all of your translation tables from the definitions. Once I realized my mistake, I fixed your E-t tables (in Roinn-seòrsa:Eadar-theangachadh) and put them back into the definitions. Fixing the E-t tables just meant deleting the title and the link to Roinn-seòrsa:Teamplaidean mìosan. The template upon which the translation tables are built is designed to use the page name as the default table title.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about these changes, the templates, or anything related to Uicleir.

Slàn leat an-dràsta. Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 03:45, 15 dhen t-Sultain 2019 (UTC)

Please do not try to create language templates.[deasaich]

Please do not try to create language templates like Teamplaid: caq, etc. You are guessing at language name translations, do not know the rules for translating them into Scottish Gaelic and are obviously guessing at language families. You do not include research notes, citations. You don't do your research, you just make it up. I am working with a linguist and expert in Scottish Gaelic. This project has taken over a year, and now I must go find what you have created or changed. You invent nonsense words, like "caibideilish", and then I must go clean up after you. I'm not a maid and I don't appreciate this extra work when I had other plans.

Por favor, não tente criar modelos de idiomas como Teamplaid: caq, etc. Você está adivinhando as traduções de nomes de idiomas, não conhece as regras para traduzi-los para o gaélico escocês e obviamente está adivinhando as famílias de idiomas. Você não inclui notas de pesquisa, citações. Você não faz sua pesquisa, apenas inventa. Estou trabalhando com um lingüista e especialista em gaélico escocês. Esse projeto levou mais de um ano e agora devo procurar o que você criou ou mudou. Você inventa palavras sem sentido, como "caibideilish", e então devo ir atrás de você. Não sou empregada doméstica e não aprecio esse trabalho extra quando tinha outros planos. Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 22:28, 14 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)

My Sandboxes[deasaich]

Hi, Do you know about sandboxes? You can make a subpage off of your User page, write the new code there, test it and THEN put it in the correct name space. If this does not make sense, let me know. I can show you examples - or you can go look on my User page. There are MANY subpages. In fact, you may like some of them.

Anyway, fee free to poke around - just don't edit anything, please.

Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 22:11, 15 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)

Editing the documentation pages will not change the behavior of the templates.[deasaich]

Changing the documentation pages will not change template actions. Please tell me exactly and in detail what is the problem you are trying to solve? Something about using the English version of the name of Teamplaid:swb? swb|3?

Please remember that there is still a bug in Teamplaid:swb from when you created it. It is inserting a linefeeds (and possible "code" tags!) for some reason that I cannot isolate. I have seen bugs like this before: I was a software developer for 30+ years. I suspect that page header is corrupted; if so, the page must be deleted and a new one built. I suspect it was caused by the software that you used to create the page; it was probably nothing that you did. I will try deleting the page and rebuilding it tomorrow. It's late and I need sleep.

Instead of blindly attacking the documentation pages, please take a deep breath, and try running some tests.

  • This code has been working for several years; it's Teamplaid:pt. It looks just like Teamplaid:swb, but behaves itself very well. (Open the page in Edit Mode to see these tests.)
{{pt}} = Portagailis * (ainmneach/bunasach)
{{pt|g}} = Portagailise * (ginideach)
{{pt|1}} = Romansach * (Ainmear teaghlach-cànain gu Gàidglig.)
{{pt|2}} = ine:itc:roa * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5.)
{{pt|3}} = Portuguese * (Beurla)
{{pt|4}} = of Portuguese * (ginideach Beurla)
{{pt|5}} = Romance * (An Ainmear Teaghlaich-Chànain gu Beurla.)
{{pt|6}} = ine (Indo-European):itc (Italic):roa (Romance) * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5 's Beurla.)
{{pt|7}} = ine (Innd-Eòrpach):itc (Italiceach):roa (Romansach) * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5 's Gàidglig.)
{{pt|t}} = f * (tha teaghlach?) (t = true|tha; f= false/cha)
{{pt|c-t}} = f * (tha ceann-teaghlaich?) (t = true/tha; f= false|cha)
  • Here are all the results of that switch statement in Teamplaid:swb. You can see the bug clearly. I have tried looking at the file in HEX mode, and still can't see the problem. That is why I think it may be in the header.
{{swb}} = swb * (ainmneach/bunasach)
{{swb|g}} = swb|g}} * (ginideach)
{{swb|1}} = swb|1}} * (Ainmear teaghlach-cànain gu Gàidglig.)
{{swb|2}} = swb|2}} * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5.)
{{swb|3}} = swb|3}} * (Beurla)
{{swb|4}} = swb|4}} * (ginideach Beurla)
{{swb|5}} = swb|5}} * (An Ainmear Teaghlaich-Chànain gu Beurla.)
{{swb|6}} = swb|6}} * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5 's Beurla.)
{{swb|7}} = swb|7}} * (An Rangachd Teaghlaich-Chànain gu cod(an) ISO 639-5 's Gàidglig.)
{{swb|t}} = swb|t}} * (tha teaghlach?) (t = true|tha; f= false/cha)
{{swb|c-t}} = swb|c-t}} * (tha ceann-teaghlaich?) (t = true|tha; f= false/cha)

Be calm. We can fix this.

Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 06:10, 17 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)

What are you doing???[deasaich]

You created Roinn-seòrsa:Faclan Shimaore, good, but you added categories saying it is a language of Canada and of Scotland? NO, it is an African language. Good Grief. 'Stop!!!' You don't know what you are doing and you are creating a horrible mess! Are you deliberately trying to sabotage Uicleir?

Você criou o Roinn-seòrsa: Faclan Shimaore, bom, mas você adicionou categorias dizendo que é uma língua do Canadá e da Escócia? NÃO, é uma língua africana. Minha nossa. 'Pare !!!' Você não sabe o que está fazendo e está criando uma bagunça horrível! Você está deliberadamente tentando sabotar Uicleir?

Now I am angry. Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 06:28, 17 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)

Teamplaid:swb - Iarrtas airson sguab às (meant to say, "Request to delete")[deasaich]

I have commented out or removed all invocations of Teamplaid:swb. The reason for this is that the admins use a cascading delete that deletes everything linked to the page in question. I don't want any other files deleted as a consequence.
The admins usually delete files at the end of the week, so by next Saturday, it could be gone. After that, I will rebuild it. Sometimes they skip a week, though. You can look at the deletion logs to see the pattern.
Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 23:58, 17 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)

Stop adding language templates. You don't know how to do it correctly. - Pare de adicionar modelos de idioma. Você não sabe como fazê-lo corretamente.[deasaich]

This is the second time I have asked you to stop making language templates like Teamplaid:kok. You don't speak the language and you are making a terrible mess. You are cuasing me a great deal of extra work. If you continue, I will have you blocked from this wiktionary.

Esta é a segunda vez que pedi para você parar de criar modelos de linguagem como o Teamplaid: kok. Você não fala o idioma e está fazendo uma bagunça terrível. Você está me dedicando muito trabalho extra. Se você continuar, eu terei você bloqueado deste wikcionário. Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 07:50, 27 dhen t-Samhain 2019 (UTC)