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yellow tickY Partly done

Template documentation

Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

This template is often used on talk pages to show clearly that a section of discussion has been partly resolved, but some issues or open questions still remain. Placing {{Partly done}} on a talk page makes the following appear:

You may either use {{Partly done}} by itself for the default message or you may add a customized label with an optional parameter value.

  • {{Partly done|Leubail gnàthaichte}} → yellow tickY Leubail gnàthaichte

To produce the symbol alone, use a single space as the parameter value.

Faic cuideachd - Also see

This list:
Inline icon templates

Inline icon templates by shape and color[deasaich]

Any of the following inline, comment-level templates can be converted into {{Resolved}}-style hatnotes by using {{Resbox}} to put a box around the icon and text.

Green check marks
Resolved {{Resolved mark large}}
 Implemented {{Implemented}}
check Partially implemented {{PImplemented}}
Resolved {{Resolved mark}}
Accepted {{Accepted}}
Agree {{Agree}}
Approved {{Approved}}
Checked {{Checked2}}
 Verified {{Verified}}
Conditional yesCY {{Conditional yes}}
 Confirmed {{Confirmed}}
 Confirmed with respect to the named user(s).  No comment with respect to IP address(es). {{Confirmed-nc}}
 Technically indistinguishable {{Tallyho}}
All socks blocked and tagged. Closing case. {{Blockedtaggedclosing}}
Green tickY {{Check mark}}
☑Y {{Tick}}
Helped {{Helped}}
 Obair chrìochnaichte {{Done}}
 Task complete. {{Donetask}}
 Obair chrìochnaichte - as a contested proposed deletion, the article has been restored on request. ude> {{Unprod}}
Freagairte air duilleag Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche. {{Autp}}
Freagairte aig an àite iomchaidh. {{Responded}}
  ☑Y Aonachadh crìochnaichte. {{Merge done}}
 Done {{Done-t}}
 Pass {{Pass}}
Green tickY {{Aye}}
 Yes {{Yes check}}
Cross marks
Red XN {{X mark big}}
☒N {{Cross}}
☒N This offer has expired {{Expired}}
☒N Deleted {{Deleted}}
Not done {{Not done}}
☒N Not done and not likely to be done {{Not done not likely}}
☒N Stale {{Stale-small}}
Rejected {{Smallrejected}}
NoN {{X mark}}
Red XN {{Nay}}
 No {{No mark}}
 No pass {{No pass}}
 Not done {{Not done-t}}
 Fail {{Fail}}
NoN {{X mark-n}}
X'ed box {{Xed box}}
Cancelled {{Cancelled}}
X Deleted {{Deleted-image}}
Already declined {{Already declined}}
Blocked {{Opblocked}}
User blocked {{User-blocked}}
Chan eil buga {{Notabug}}
Not fixed {{Notfixed}}
Won't fix {{Won't fix}}
I withdraw my nomination {{Withdraw}}
No technical evidence {{Nojoy}}
 Unrelated {{Unrelated}}
Red XN Off-topic {{Off-topic talk}}
Black check marks
Already done {{Already done}}
Resolved {{Resolved1}}
YesY {{Check mark-n}}
Checked {{Checked}}
checked box {{Checked box}}
Yellow check marks
YesY {{Yellow tick}}
yellow tickY Half done {{Half done}}
yellow tickY Partly done {{Partly done}}
 Partly done {{Partly done-t}}
Blue check marks
Semi-done {{Semi-done}}
Fixed {{Fixed}}
Fixed by reporter {{Fixed by reporter}}
Buga a tha a' feitheamh {{Bug pending}}
Tomhaiste {{Bug resolved}}
 Blocked and tagged {{Blockedandtagged}}
Blocked without tags {{Blockedwithouttags}}
IP block exemption granted {{Ipbedone}}
 IP blocked {{IPblock}}
Proxy blocked {{Pblock}}
Proxies blocked {{Psblock}}
Range blocked {{Rblock}}
Minus sign
no Closed  {{Close}}
no Denied {{Denied}}
no Disagree {{Disagree}}
no Not approved {{Unapproved}}
no Neo-buga {{NotBug}}
Amhladh buga {{Duplicate bug}}
Invalid {{Invalid}}
 Declined {{Declined}}
no No action {{No action}}
 No comment {{Nocomment}}
no Unnecessary {{Unnecessary}}
 No comment with respect to IP address(es) {{Nc}}
minus Removed {{Removed}}
Plus sign
plus Added {{Added}}
plus Posted {{Posted}}
 Works for me {{Works for me}}
 Likely {{Likely}}
 Highly likely {{Highly likely}}
 Clerk endorsed {{Endorse}}
 Clerk declined {{Decline}}
Clerk declined - Checkuser will not link accounts to IPs, per the privacy policy. {{Decline-IP}}
 Endorsed by a CheckUser {{Cu-endorsed}}
 CheckUser declined {{Cudecline}}
 Delisted {{Delisted}}
 Inconclusive {{Inconclusive}}
Not Applicable {{N/A icon}}
Neutral sign
Closed {{Bug closed}}
Ùr {{Bug new}}
 Second opinion requested {{GA2ndopinion}}
Purple turn-right
Deferred {{Deferred}}
Defer to Abuse filter {{Deferabusefilter}}
Defer to Local blacklist {{Deferblack}}
Defer to Global blacklist {{Defermetablack}}
Defer to RS/N {{Deferrsn}}
Defer to WPSPAM {{Deferspam}}
Defer to XLinkBot {{Deferspambot}}
Defer to Whitelist {{Deferwhite}}
Simple clock
Pending approval {{PendingRequest}}
Good article on hold GA on hold {{GAOnHold}}
On hold {{On hold}}
On hold until {{OnHoldUntil}}
Gnome-appointment-soon.svg   Proposal on hold {{ProposalOnHold}}
Reviewing request. {{Reviewing request}}
 Awaiting administrative action {{Awaitingadmin}}
ClockC {{Await}}
Later {{Later}}
Pending {{Tobedone}}
Discussion ongoing...
Doing... {{Doing}}
 [[User:|]] is doing... {{Isdoing}}
clock Started {{Started}}
clock In progress {{Inprogress}}
Checking... {{Checking}}
Reviewing... {{Reviewing}}
Note mark
 Needs discussion {{NeedsDiscussion}}
Note: {{Note2}}
 Note: {{A note}}
 Administrator note: {{Administrator note}}
Buga air a shònrachadh {{Bug assigned}}
 High Priority {{High priority}}
Nota bene* {{N.b.}}
Urgent: {{Urgent}}
exclamation mark- {{Bang}}
Requesting immediate archiving... {{Archive now}}
Bureaucrat note: {{Bureaucrat note}}
 CheckUser note: {{CUnote}}
Aidichte {{Bug acknowledged}} ({{Ack}})
Dearbhte {{Bug confirmed}}
 Comment: {{Comment}}
Remind {{Remind}}
Remark: {{Remark}}
Clerk note: {{Clerk-Note}}
Robot clerk note: {{Clerk-Note-bot}}
Editor note: {{Editor-Note}}
 Renamer note: {{Renamer note}}
Coordinator note: {{Coordinator-note}}
Question mark
question mark Furghall {{Suggestion}}
? 's dòcha {{Maybe-t}}
question mark 's dòcha {{Maybe-i}}
Question? {{Qmark}}
Comharra-ceiste? {{Question mark}}
Fiosrachadh a dhìth {{InfoNeeded}}
Neo-iomlan an-dràsta {{Not done for now}}
Chan eil mi cinnteach {{Not sure}}
Chan eil mi cinnteach {{Notsure}}
 A' sgrùdadh... {{Investigating}}
 Sgrùd: {{Question}}
 foo: {{Question|label=foo}}
 Fiosrachadh barrachd a dhìth {{MoreInfo}}
Ais-mholadh buga a dhìth {{Bug feedback}}
Light bulb iconB {{Bulb}}
Flashing bulbB {{Bulb2}}
Beachd-smaoin: {{Idea}}
light bulb Breithnich moladh {{NewProposal}}
Face-smile.svg Tapadh leat {{Thank you}}
Face-smile.svg Móran taing! {{Thank you very much}}
Smiley Tha thu di-beathte! {{You're welcome}}
Smiley Is duilich leam! {{Sorry}}
Face-wink.svg Taing {{Thank}}
Tournesol.png Taing {{Wikithanks}}
Thumb sign
Thumbs down {{Thumbs down}}
Thumbs up {{Thumbs up}}
thumbs up Great! {{Great}}
👍 Like {{Like}}
Not facebook not like thumbs down.pngDislike {{Dislike}}

Eile - Others[deasaich]

ω A' feitheamh {{Awaiting}}
((_*_) Buttinsky) {{Buttinsky}}
 Comment. {{Commentvote}}
arrow Amhladh {{Bug dupe}}
Clerk-Note-merged Merged {{Clerk-Note-merged}}
bug   Buga ùr {{NewBug}}
  Tomhaiste buga {{BugFixed}}
copy   Duplicate proposal {{DuplicateProposal}}
shuffling arrows Proposal out of scope {{ProposalOutOfScope}}
 Moved to Commons {{Moved to commons}}
Orz... {{Orz}}
 'S dòcha {{Possibly}}
eye I have read the above message. I will reply when I have a moment. {{Read}}
flag Bratach dhearg {{Redflag}}
trash Iomarcach {{Redundant symbol}}
recycle Reopened {{Reopened}}
@Example: {{Reply to}}
arrow Reverted {{Reverted}}
lens Review {{Twomanrule}}
lens Ath-sgrùdadh - This section is under or has been partially reviewed by {{UnderReview}}
Facepalm Facepalm {{Facepalm}}
scissors Running with scissors is a very silly thing to do! {{Scissors}}
trout Self-trout {{Self-trout}}
trout Self-whale...for when a trout just isn't enough {{Self-whale}}
Yes Sent {{Sent}}
per snowball clause {{Snow}}
This review has not received any comments in two weeks. {{Stale GAN}}
Symbol Translate.svg SUL Check {{SULcheck}}
 ToDo {{ToDo}}
eraser Undone {{Undone}}
 Luchdaichte suas {{Uploaded}}
⚠ Rabhadh {{Warnsign}}
 Iarrtas air a tharraing air ais {{Withdrawn}}
 Oibreachdainn {{Working}}
Emoji u1f52e.svg Wikipedia is not a crystal ball. {{WPcrystalball}}
 Crìochnaichte {{Completed}}
 Blocked but awaiting tags {{Sblock}}
 So-shaoilsinn {{Possible}}
 Chan eil rian air {{Impossible}}
 Possilikely (a mix between possible and likely) {{Possilikely}}
 Eu-coltach {{Unlikely}}
 It looks like a duck to me {{Duck}}
 It sounds like a duck quacking into a megaphone to me {{Megaphoneduck}}
 1.75x amplified ultimate quack of ultimate destiny {{Megaphoneduck|ultimate}}
 Clerk assistance requested: {{Clerk Request}}
 Relisted {{Relisted}}
 No sleepers immediately visible {{Nosleepers}}
 Behavioural evidence needs evaluation {{Behaviour}}
 Stale {{StaleIP}}
magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says: {{8ball}}
crystal ball CheckUser is not a crystal ball {{Crystalball}}
fish CheckUser is not for fishing {{Fishing}}
 CheckUser is not magic pixie dust {{Pixiedust}}
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ {{Shrug}}
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {{Lenny}}

Multi-sign templates[deasaich]

The following templates implement several icons:


Teamplaid-dàta - TemplateData

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Partly done

This template adds a yellow tick mark with text and is often used on talk pages to show clearly that a section of discussion has been partly resolved, but some issues or open questions still remain.

Paramadairean na teamplaide

custom message1

Enter an individual message to replace the default 'Partly done' text.

Partly done