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A' gabhail aon paramadair gu math sònraichte - Takes one, very specific parameter.[deasaich]

If the parameter is "gun c-c" (i.e., gun ceann-cuspair, by which I mean to say "without a heading"), then the Level 1 heading "Eadar-theangachadh" will be suppressed. It appears by default in all other instances. For example,

{{E-t:galla|gun c-c}}

Exercising this parameter allows a series of {{E-t:*}} tables to be daisy-chained without repeating the heading. E.g.

{{E-t:A' Bhean-phòsda}}{{E-t:baintighearna|gun c-c}}


Please note that

  1. The first row parameters must have the values c1 and f1; otherwise an undetected error will occur during rendering of the table, and the row will not display properly.
  2. If you place the list of {{E-t:}} templates all on the same line, the spacing between them should match their internal table spacing.