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Àireamh àrdail

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Tuairisgeul - Description


The family of templates to which this one belongs, the language templates, store data and metadata about the languages used in definitions. This information can be useful for many applications beyond generating definitions.
These templates are handy for non-native Gaelic speakers: if it turns out that the wording is wrong in this particular template, all the pages and page names that employ it may be changed immediately simply by editing this one specific template.

This template:

  • Creates a non-editable, Wiki page level 2 (HTML level 3) section heading entitled according to the specified parameters
    • Àireamh àrdail ("Cardinal number")
    • Àireamh òrdail ("Ordinal number")
    • Àireamh àrdail neo-chinnteach ("Indefinite cardinal number")
    • Àireamh òrdail neo-chinnteach ("Indefinite ordinal number")
  • It will link the invoking page to a category page, the name of which will be based on the language code provided and the type of number specified.

Paramadairean - Parameters

  1. Language code. (required)
    This parameter links the invoking page to a language-specific category. E.g., Roinn-seòrsa:Àireamh àrdail [genitive of language name].
  2. typ (required)
    Valid values:
    • ord for òrdail (ordinal)
    • default is àrdail (cardinal)
  3. indef
    Valid value:
    • neo-chinnteach (actually, any non-null value will do)

Ùsaid - Usage


Use this template to create subsection on a Definition Page. See a ceithir and wat for examples.

Eisimpleirean - Examples


creates heading Àireamh òrdail neo-chinnteach ("Ordinal number") in the invoking page, and links the invoking page to Roinn-seòrsa:Àireimh òrdail neo-chinnteach Jagoi ("Category:Jagoi indefinite ordinal numbers").

For live examples, see:

Gnàthasan Ainmeachaidh - Naming Conventions


Ainmean teamplaid - Template Names


Use abbreviations and language codes when naming templates for easier editing. See for the existing templates.

  • Template names delimited by equal signs indicate that they affect the highest order headings. E.g., {{=x=}}.
  • Template names delimited by dashes indicate that they affect a subheading. E.g., {{-x-}}.
  • Template names consisting only of a language code are called language templates. I.e., {{language code}} is the format of a language template name. These templates overload the language code function to return data and metadata in Scottish Gaelic, ISO 639-5 codes, and English about the language in question. The language template names may be ISO 639-2, -3, or -5 language codes.

Ainmean Roinn-seòrsa - Category Names


Spell things out in category names for legibility and clarity. See (root category).