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EB1911 - Volume 01 - Page 001 - 1.svg Chan eil freumh-fhaclachd aig an duilleag seo. An urrainn dhuibh i cur ris?
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stub (iolra: stubs)

  1. bun
    • There was only a stub left of the pencil.
    • He smoked the cigarette down to a stub.
    • His stub ached after the leg was amputated.
    • The short article was really only a stub.
    • Hold on to your ticket stub in case you need to leave and return to the concert.
  2. gléidheadair-àite
    • She wrote a stub in the Wiki as a placeholder.



  1. I stubbed my toe on the chair leg while trying to find the phone.
  2. I stubbed in the examples for the first draft of this article.
  3. He stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray.