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book (iolra: books)

  1. leabhar
    • I read books.
      • Tha mise a'leughadh leabhraichean.
  2. An Leabhar.
    • In both English and Gaelic, "the Book" means the Bible.
  • Her face was an open book.
  • The book of love.
  • We tried every trick in the book to solve the problem.
  • The book on that filly is that she doesn't run well in the rain.
  • My grandfather did everything by the book.
  • The police threw the book at him when they finally arrested him.
  • The judge brought him to book.
  • a book of matches, a book of stamps
  • A bookmaker makes book and takes bets.
  • Upon winning that last trick, the bridge team made book.
  • in one's own book
  • in one's good books
  • one for the book
  • on the books



  • She has plenty of book learning and no common sense.
  • His book assets look great on paper, but he lives as if he were bone broke.



  • They booked a table for 8 o'clock.
  • He booked time for relaxation every day.
  • They booked a hotel for the duration.
  • The hotel was all booked up.
  • Sergeant Friday said, "Book 'em, Dano."
  • The ref booked the goalie's number for picking up the ball with his hands.
  • Book a flight on the internet.
  • You book in at the front desk while I find a luggage cart.
  • They booked when the show was over.

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