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Teamplaid:Tiw (ceanglaichean deasaich) 

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Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

Teamplaid:Bad documentation Teamplaid:Confusing

Faic cuideachd - Also see

General-purpose formatting[deasaich]

Comparison of template-linking templates according to their style
Link style → Linked Unlinked Linked with subst Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
Text style ↓ {{Tlg}} options1 DEFAULT nolink=yes subst=yes braceinside=yes alttext=Foo
normal DEFAULT {{Tlg}}1
{{Tlf}}2 {{Tls}}
{{Tn}} {{Tla}}
code code=yes {{Tl2}}
{{Tlxs}} N/A
N/A {{Tltss}}6
bold bold=yes {{Tlb}} N/A
bold+code code=yes {{Tlxb}}
italic+code code=yes {{Tlxi}}

Other formatting templates[deasaich]

Code example Effect Notes
{{Tl2|Hatnote|lang=fr}} {{Hatnote}} Supports linking to sister projects (e.g., fr:Hatnote)
{{Tlu|User:Ahunt/SSHFS}} {{User:Ahunt/SSHFS}} Supports linking to any namespace
{{Demo|<nowiki>{{Hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}</nowiki>}}
{{Hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}

Shows code and example
{{Xpd|Hatnote|Some Hatnote text}} "{{Hatnote|Some Hatnote text}}" gives "" [1] Shows code, example and a link to expand the template code
{{Tln|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote Produces a normal link to the template
Formats wikilink, with optional piped link text and blended suffix
{{Ml|Example|hello}} {{#invoke:Example|hello}} Counterpart to {{Tl}} for linking to Lua modules
{{Mlx|Example|hello}} {{#invoke:Example|hello}} Counterpart to {{Tlx}} for linking to Lua modules
{{Para|title|<var>book title</var>}} title=book title Formats template parameters for display, with or without values
{{Sclx|LASTING}} [[w:en:WP:LASTING]] Takes a shortcut suffix in project namespace and displays it with brackets and the WP: alias in a <code>...</code> Tag.
Formats [X]HTML tags; can add content, choose opening, closing, or self-closing
{{Dtl|Ping project}} {{d:Ping project}} Wikidata counterpart to {{Tl}}
Parser function equivalent to {{Tl}}

With utility links[deasaich]

Code example Effect
{{Lt|Hatnote}} Teamplaid:Hatnote (deasaich | deasbaireachd | eachdraidh | ceanglaichean | faire | logaichean)
{{Lts|Hatnote}} Teamplaid:Hatnote(deasaich deasbaireachd ceanglaichean-lìn eachdraidh)
{{T links|Hatnote}} Hatnote (edit talk history links # /subpages /doc /doc edit /sbox /sbox diff /test)
{{Tfd links|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote (edit · talk · history · links · transclusions · logs · subpages · delete)
{{Tltt|Hatnote}} {{Hatnote}}
{{Tetl|Hatnote}} {{Hatnote}}
links talk view
{{Tsetl|Hatnote}} {{subst:Hatnote}}
 links talk view
{{Ti|Hatnote}} Teamplaid:Hatnote (deasbaireachd⧼dot-separator⧽ceanglaichean-lìn⧼dot-separator⧽deasaich)
{{Tic|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote (talk links edit)
{{Tim|Hatnote}} m:Template:Hatnote (backlinks edit)
{{Tiw|Hatnote}} Teamplaid:Hatnote (ceanglaichean deasaich) 
{{Tlt|Hatnote}} {{Hatnote}} (talk)
{{Ttl|Hatnote}} {{Hatnote}} (t/l)
{{Twlh|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote (links, talk)