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Seòrsachadh saidheansail
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Ùsaid - Usage

This core template should never be used directly. It is called by {{Taxobox}} and templates in the automated taxobox system – {{Automatic taxobox}}, {{Ichnobox}}, {{Oobox}}, {{Speciesbox}}, {{Hybridbox}}, {{Subspeciesbox}} and {{Infraspeciesbox}}. It produces the taxobox output.

Paramadairean - Parameters

Parameters, on the whole, are the same as in {{Taxobox}}.

There are a couple of extras:

  • |edit link=: If specified, will display a link to allow the automated taxonomy pertaining to the taxon to be edited, generated by {{Edit taxonomy}}. The value will be displayed as the link text, in the "Scientific classification" cell.
  • |parent=: If specified, causes the template to display the automated taxonomy stored in taxonomy templates.

Teamplaidean taiceadh - Supporting templates

Roinnean-seòrsa tracaidh - Tracking categories

Hidden categories added by this template:

Faic cuideachd - Also see