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When used on a template's /documentation subpage, {{TEMPLATENAME}} evaluates to the name of the associated template. The result will be accurate when the end page is either the /documentation subpage or the actual template page. The template makes a special case for the Teamplaid: namespace: the Teamplaid: prefix will be removed.

Note that the result will not be URL-safe. For a URL-encoded version, see {{TEMPLATENAMEE}}.

Paramadairean - Parameters[deasaich]

|1= (i.e. the first unnamed parameter) or |require=
Sets the subpage from which the template extracts a name. If the parameter's value does not match the current subpage,[feumar soilleirachadh - clarification needed] nothing will be returned. This is useful in preventing potentially endless recursive loops on some templates pages that might otherwise reference themselves.
|docpage= or |override=
Use to indicate the documentation page's location if it is other than the subpage /doc, e.g. {{TEMPLATENAME|docpage=Documentation}} if the subpage is /Documentation.

The following subpages will always be stripped:

  • /documentation
  • /doc
  • /sandbox
  • /testcases

Faic cuideachd - Also see