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Soft redirect to:[[:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]
This page is a soft redirect.

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  • This template is for creating soft redirects, that is to say, short pages inviting readers to visit another page on a different Wikimedia project. This cannot be performed with a classical redirect due to technical restrictions.
  • This template is also used to redirect an entry to a special page, in which case hard redirects have been disabled.
  • Occasionally it is used to effectively disable a redirect that has been deprecated, e.g. WP:DIVA, in which case {{Historical}} is usually also used, above the soft redirect template.
  • For redirecting categories, use {{Category redirect}} instead.
  • For all other redirects within the English Wikipedia, please continue to use #REDIRECT {{enUici|Other article}}.

This places tagged pages in Roinn-seòrsa:Wikipedia soft redirects or Roinn-seòrsa:User soft redirects.

Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

Single parameter[deasaich]

{{Soft redirect|target}}


{{Soft redirect|Meta:Template:Interwiki redirect}} will produce:

Soft redirect to:Meta:Template:Interwiki redirect
This page is a soft redirect.

Two parameters[deasaich]

{{Soft redirect|target|label}}


{{Soft redirect|Lawn mower|grasscutter}} will produce:

Soft redirect to:grasscutter
This page is a soft redirect.

Please remember that this is just to illustrate the second "label" parameter. Template:Soft redirect should not be used when #REDIRECT [[:en:w:Lawn mower|Lawn mower]] should be used.

Other examples[deasaich]

Faic cuideachd - Also see

{{sandbox other||