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Teamplaid:Linked taxon list

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Ùsaid - Usage

This template is one of a number intended for use in taxoboxes under the |subdivision= or |synonyms= parameters, to produce a list of taxa in a consistent format. The table below shows the behaviour of the available templates.

Taxon name Template
Italicized Linked Bold
no no no {{Taxon list}}
no yes no {{Linked taxon list}}
no no yes {{Bold taxon list}}
yes no no {{Species list}}, alias {{Genus list}}
yes yes no {{Linked species list}}, alias {{Linked genus list}}
yes no yes {{Bold species list}}, alias {{Bold genus list}}

Use like this:

{{Taxon list
| †Smithiaceae | Authority
| Jonesiaceae |
| Junkiaceae | Describer

Both the taxon name and authority will be automatically formatted to produce:

  • †Smithiaceae Authority
  • Jonesiaceae
  • Junkiaceae Describer

Note that if the authority is not known, the "|" must still be present after the taxon name.

Mark incomplete lists using |incomplete=yes, which will add "(incomplete)" to the end of the list.

Caochlaidhean - Variations

To automatically link the content of every taxon name, use {{Linked taxon list}}.

For example:

{{Linked taxon list
| †Smithiaceae | Authority
| Jonesiaceae |
| Junk flowers {{!}} Junkiaceae | Describer <!--creates a piped link-->
| ''[[:w:en:Puma (genus) {{!}} Puma ]]'' | Jardine, 1834 <!--handles a disambiguated genus name-->


Tacsa á bith - Extinct taxa

The name of an extinct taxon can be preceded by one of the following markers: † &dagger; {{extinct}}. Any of them will appear as † in the output. The † will not be italicized and will not be included in a wikilink.

Faic cuideachd - Also see

  • {{Genus list}}, {{Linked genus list}} and {{Bold genus list}} are aliases for the equivalent "Species list" templates.