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This template is used to extend the parser function '#ifeq:' to multiple tests.
  • The returned string is defined TRUE if any test pair of input parameters satisfies as if presented in any single #ifeq: test.
  • The returned value is essentially TRUE OR FALSE— garbage characters OR a null (computer) string, respectively. Thus it is suitable for testing by a simple #if:-then-else conditional on the calling page.
  • Applications are generally to display selective text for a set of pages, as in for example, a common usage page for templates, selected by specific page name cases.
  • This template takes upto eight pairs of arguments (i.e 16 numbered parameters), tests the odd verus the even, and returns true if any pair matches using the parser function '#ifeq:'.

This can be used to test for criteria which may be satisfied by some combination of mulitple magic words, such as {{SITENAME}} or {{PAGENAME}}.