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This template creates a link to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), a database containing scientific names of biological taxa and a history of their classification.

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The Wikipedia Manual of Style recommends that taxa of the rank Genera and below be italicized (i.e. supergenus, subgenus, genus, species, subspecies, and varieties). Higher taxa should not be italicized. Italicizing, when appropriate, can be done using wiki markup as shown in the examples.

Cut and paste[deasaich]

{{ITIS|id=|taxon=|access-Date=9 dhen Chèitean 2024}}


|access-Date=9 dhen Chèitean 2024


|id= the Taxonomic Serial Number (TSN), as shown at the top of the desired ITIS page.
|taxon= the scientific name, as shown at the top of the desired ITIS page, italicized if appropriate.
|access-Date= the Date on which you looked up the reference.


Taxa around the rank of genus and below should be italicized:

{{ITIS|ID=506801|taxon=''Camellia sinensis''}}"Camellia sinensis". Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Taxa around the rank of family (including subfamily, tribe, etc.) and above are not italicised:

{{ITIS|ID=21371|taxon=Theaceae}}"Theaceae". Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

For use in lists, etc.:


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