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This is an auxiliary template allowing to encode "||" within template parameters. It is a shorter form for {{!}}{{!}}

This template cannot be used for putting the character as text in a wiki table; in that case, again, twice "|" can be used.

Use this template to produce the character or characters "||" as ordinary text rather than as part of a link [[ ]], transclusion {{ }}, variable {{{ }}}, etc.

Similar templates

Teamplaid Output HTML alternative
Teamplaid:!! ||
Teamplaid:!( [ [
Teamplaid:)! ] ]
Teamplaid:!(( [[
Teamplaid:))! ]]
Teamplaid:( { {
Teamplaid:) } }
Teamplaid:(( {{
Teamplaid:)) }}
Teamplaid:((( {{{
Teamplaid:))) }}}
  • Note: Teamplaid:! was also a template but was converted into a Magic Word, you can also use the HTML alternative of | and either will give you an output of: |

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