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Note: although the category is called "Automatic taxobox cleanup", pages can be placed in this category by other automated taxoboxes, such as {{Speciesbox}}.

As with all categories, the list below is updated slowly; therefore pages may be listed that no longer require improvement. Making a null edit to a page will update its status and remove it from the list if appropriate.


Shorthands are used to group together pages with the same issue in their automated taxobox.

Current shorthands are:

  • ι – any template using |italic name=
  • κ – templates whose colour is displaying incorrectly (generated at end of {{Automatic taxobox}})
  • μ – templates with deprecated parent taxa or no parent at all. New templates may appear in this category for a time; check them for errors, or perform a null edit to flush them if they are free of errors.
  • ϰ – In a "Template:Taxonomy/taxon_name" page, the link parameter is invalid: the passed value begins with an [, or a different error has occurred. Check for errors in the displayed taxonomy list.

Taxonomy templates for dummy taxa with names beginning "Junk.." may appear here from time to time. This will be the result of tests for error-handling, and such templates should be ignored.

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