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A' gearradh chraobh
Seòrsachadh saidheansail edit
Rìoghachd: Animalia
Fine: Chordata
Clas: Mammalia
Òrdugh: Rodentia
Teaghlach: Castoridae
Gnè: Castor
C. canadensis
Ainm dà-nòmach
Castor canadensis
Kuhl, 1820[2]
  • C. c. acadicus Bailey and Doutt, 1942[3]
  • C. c. baileyi Nelson, 1927[4]
  • C. c. belugae Taylor, 1916[5]Teamplaid:Rp
    Cook Inlet beaver
  • C. c. caecator Bangs (1913:513)[6]
    Newfoundland beaver
  • C. c. canadensis Kuhl 1820[2]
    Canadian beaver
  • C. c. carolinensis Rhoads 1898[7]Teamplaid:Rp
    Carolina beaver
  • C. c. concisor Warren and Hall, 1939[8]
  • C. c. duchesnei Durrant and Crane, 1948[9]
  • C. c. frondator Mearns, 1897[10]
    Sonora beaver
  • C. c. idoneus Jewett and Hall, 1940[11]
  • C. c. labradorensis Bailey and Doutt, 1942[3]
  • C. c. leucodonta Gray, 1869[12]
    Pacific beaver
  • C. c. mexicanus Bailey, 1913[13]
    Rio Grande beaver
  • C. c. michiganensis Bailey 1913[13]
    Woods beaver
  • C. c. missouriensis Bailey 1919[14]
    Missouri River beaver
  • C. c. pacificus Rhoads 1892[7]Teamplaid:Rp
    Washington beaver
  • C. c. pallidus Durrant and Crane, 1948[9]
  • C. c. phaeus Heller, 1909[15]
    Admiralty beaver
  • C. c. repentinus Goldman, 1932[16]
  • C. c. rostralis Durrant and Crane, 1948[9]
  • C. c. sagittatus Benson, 1933[17]
  • C. c. shastensis (Taylor, 1916)[5]Teamplaid:Rp
    Shasta beaver
  • C. c. subauratus (Taylor, 1912)[18][19]
    California golden beaver
  • C. c. taylori Davis, 1939[20]
  • C. c. texensis Bailey, 1905[21]
    Texas beaver
Sgaoileadh bìobhair Ameireaga a-Tuath (dorcha uaine – dùthchasach, uaine aotrom – air a thoirt a-steach)
Mapa sgaoileadh de Castor fiber (dearg) agus Castor canadensis (uaine).
A' togail čuɬawítxʷ (Castor canadensis) dama



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  1. (mamal ) Castor canadensis


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Uicleir Beurla: čuɬawítxʷ

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