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Phonetik.svg Feumaidh an inntrigeadh seo fiosrachadh fuaimneachaidh. Ma tha thu eòlach air an Aibidil Fhuaim-Eòlach Eadar-nàiseanta (AFE) feuch an cuir thu cuid ris!

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needs pronunciation information. If you are familiar with the IPA then please add some!
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Docamaideadh - Documentation[deasaich]

{{Rfp}}, named for request for pronunication, is used to request that a pronunciation or pronunciations be added to an entry in the form of a written transcription; chiefly gdPR or IPA. It should be used under the ===Pronunciation=== header.

Use the lang parameter with the language code:


(If the lang parameter is missing, the page will be categorized in a non-language-specific category.)

Supply details of the request like this:

{{Rfp|UK pronunciation missing|lang=en}}

If the details supplied are the name of an accent template (e.g., {{Rfp|UK}} corresponding to Teamplaid:Accent:UK and the lang parameter is set, then the template will also categorize in an accent-specific category.

Faic cuideachd - Also see

, requests audio pronunciation

, requests the verification of an already present pronunciation transcription