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Headset icon.svg Feumaidh an inntrigeadh seo co-dhiù aon fhaidhle-fuaime. Ma tha microfòn agad, clàraich fear agus luchdaich suas e.

This {{Pagetype}}
needs at least one audio file. If you have a microphone, please record one and upload it. 
(For audio required quickly, please visit commons:Commons:Pronunciation_files_requests.)
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Ùsaid - Usage[deasaich]

{{rfap}}, named for request for audio pronunication, is used to request that an audio file be added to an entry. It should be used under the ===Pronunciation=== header.


  • The first unnamed parameter is used to visually display what language or dialect is needed.
  • The lang= parameter (or second unnamed one) is used for categorization. It can be the language code or name. For example

{{rfap|lang=en}} or {{rfap|lang=British English}}

  • There is a third parameter for displaying the reason for audio request:

{{rfap|lang=en|This is a neologism}}