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Ùsaid - Usage


This template replicates the backlink rendered in the reference list when using Cite Footnotes.

For a single backlink, use the default {{Dummy backlink}}:


For multiple backlinks, simply add the values; for example {{Dummy backlink|a b}} renders as:

^ a b

When using multiple backlinks, add a space between each. Although any value can be entered for the backlink label, only lower-alpha characters are valid.

To show the reference numbers, use the # markup:

Markup Renders as
# {{Dummy backlink|a b}}
# {{Dummy backlink}}
# {{Dummy backlink|a b c}}

  1. ^ a b
  2. ^
  3. ^ a b c

The default backlink character is an up arrow ↑, but the English Wikipedia has been customized to use the caret ^. The up arrow is used on many other language versions of Wikipedia. To show the up arrow set |default=yes:

Markup Renders as
{{Dummy backlink|default=yes}} 

Faic cuideachd - Also see

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